A few words

On my website you can find information about the activity as legal counsel.

It is my job to determine the interests of the child and to bring them to bear in legal proceedings.

Child's advocate

In this role, I am primarily committed to the child.

When talking to the child, I act as his "lawyer", so to speak, and sensitize the adults involved to the perspective and interests of the children concerned.

At the same time, I convey the subject, process and possible outcome of the procedure to the child concerned from the adult perspective in an age-appropriate manner.

The best interests of the child come first.

I can also appeal in the child's interest, but without being the child's legal representative.

Who do I work for?

I will receive my appointment and appointment as procedural aid from the local courts or the competent family courts.

The appointment of a legal advisor can also be suggested by parents, youth welfare offices, the child protection association, free associations as well as lawyers and all persons who have to do with the child or youth case.