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about me

Katharina Dellschau, German, married

What defines me

Certified procedural assistance
Member of the child lawyer association

Professional experience and references

1990 - 2006
Qualified social pedagogue, director of a day-care center, management of a day-care center and a residential group

Freelance social worker - SPFH Jugendamt Kassel

since 2009
Certified Legal Advisor, "Child's Advocate"
Local courts: Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Ingolstadt, Munich, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Weilheim

since 2013
Location Nentershausen
Local courts: Chemnitz, Duderstadt, Eisenach, Fulda, Göttingen, Gotha, Hildburghausen, Mühlhausen, Meiningen, Northeim, Eschwege, Erfurt, Bad Hersfeld

Training to become a mediator
Advisor to Child Lawyers
Advisor for social relationships


The therapy dog

always with you, Picasso
The therapy dog